:: IUI – my next step Part 2 ::

so today CD6 aku kena mengadap Dr. Lu again to see the outcome of my folikel lepas amik Puregon for 3 days..
as usual, pepagi 7.30 dah kena terpacak depan klinik..
this time i went by masef..
sebab lepas ni nak terus pi opis..

owh i manage to get askar enche asben today.. so im bringing it in also..
today proses amat laju.. did my TVS and i can see 2 folikel on my right and 2 on my left ovary..
tapi sayang 1 ni too big and Dr. Lu kata mebi this one not good so we will monitor the other 3 jer laa at the moment..
and i need to continue my Puregon shot tapi reduced to 100 ui je sehari until Khamis..
arini kena amik darah gak.. wuwuwuw!
hampeh toi nurse tu tak jumpa urat aku.. mula-mula cucuk belah kanan, tak jumpa so dia soh aku rest tepi dulu T__T
then tuko nurse len lak try and thank god jumpa!

soo arini lengkap abih sume gua kena ek..
bawah kena jolok scan, dua-dua lengan kena cucuk and tambah injek kat perot!
haihhh… anything for you, my dabel line..

Jumaat kena pegi hadap doktor lagi..
and YES, another TVS is waiting for me..
yeay my life! *rolling eyes*


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