::just not my time yet::

for those who knows, yeapp..
aku baru je miscarriage at 5 weeks..
it was sooo devastated..
even aku try to be kuat and redho it wasnt my time yet, deep down aku masih seorang wanita..

something that you have been waiting for 7 years..
that dabel line you’ve been longing for..
and suddenly dia muncul unexpectedly..
tapi ilang sekelip mata..
hati sapa yang tak sedih..
ada kala aku rasa macam salah aku dia tak stay..

even the doctor told me, embrio yang abnormal adakala akan turun sendri..
so stop blaming yoursef..
tapi aku still rasa mebi sebab aku berlasak sangat kot?
or mebi aku tak jaga makan kot?
the question kept popping up whenever im alone..

now i just need to heal..
physically and emotionally..
wish me luck..


2 thoughts on “::just not my time yet::

  1. that’s what i thought when i read ur status the other day. anyway, chesue, stay strong girl, u can do it, u have all the time and chance in the world, insya allah, Allah will grant u the happiness of ur life….


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