::holding grunge::

ini bukan citer Ju-On ek..
im talking about amarah..
ive been hurt.. been thrown a sarcastic words..
been called names not only me.. but also to my asben..
thanks to a keyboard warrior!
ive endured all this..

but somehow, i didnt feel anything..
yes aku marah on the first half tu..
memang panas muka time tu..
tapi lama-lama, i just felt pity to that person..
sebab bersusah payahh dia mengarut..
intentionally provoking us and to sakitkan hati kami..
tapi skit pun kami tak melawan!

and bersyukur aku dapat enche asben yang tak cepat melatah..
he only smile and laugh..
we both laugh actually!
so funny people sometimes..
as Wak Doyok’s hashtag always said.. #akuyangpakaikoyangpanas #kodahkenapa
same senario, different issue laa..
but u get the idea laa…

you can delete all that you have written..
you can even pretend there’s nothing reli happen..
but the truth is, Allah knows!
(and also ive already print screen it all, u dumbass)

i wont say anything..
tempat yang telah dipaku, if you remove the nails.. it will still leave some marks..
that is how my heart now..

you can say whatever you want..
go on with your keyboard, blast it again for all i care..
but the truth is… only you know what u have done..

dan kemaafan dari manusia itu adalah sukar untuk didapati, ya sahabat..

u can stand next to your pride and ego..
pretend that we are not scarred by you..
pretend that we didnt have a single clue..

but you know, that we know..
and i hope you can sleep well after this..

i know i will…


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