::my Saturday::

owh tiket flight enche asben tak dapat dipostpone becoz its not full fares..
so takley nak tukar-tukar tarikh even we are willingly to pay the penalty watsoever..
makanyer this Tuesday he will be coming home to me!

so this gonna be my last wiken alone..
lets make it worth it..
ari Jumaat kemas umah, do the laundry and cook something that could last until dinner.. basically, ari duduk umah jadi couch potato la..
so ari Sabtu im thinking of going out juz to get some fresh air a bit..
even i despise the fact that i have to walk and sweat under the sun!

get ready after lunch then start my walk to Sidi Yahia..
before that, stop by at the office to reload my purse..
yap, aku simpan duit kat peti besi opis.. i dont trust the security here even it is safe watsoever..
kejadian umah EO aku kena rompak still haunt us..

so berjalan la aku sengsorang menuju ke Sidi Yahia..
nasib cuaca not that hot and windy a bit tapi berpoloh gak laa ketiak acik ni hah..
target adalah kedai dvd.. im still looking for the Woman in Black ekceli..
keep asking around and today aku jumpa tapi keciwa sebab takde in English *sad face*
even so, aku rembat gak aa 6 dvd and half of it adalah horror movies..

good DVDs, eskrem and the munchies are ready so im all set now!
start my marathon of horror..
tapi to my disappointment, citer tak mencecah piawaian aku aa..
hok the last exorcism tu lagi aa.. dia buat ala dokumentari so there’s a lot of gambo goyang konon jurugambo bergerak sana sini..
i hate this kind of movie!
same goes with Blair of Witch Project and Paranormal Activity..
citer-citer gini memang buat aku pening and lastly muntah!
for real ok muntah sebab terlalu pening mata aku..

sometimes i think that my scary-fius dah terbako je..
but we will see whether the Woman in Black mencapai piawaian..
orang kedai DVD kata hok english nyer will come in 2-3 days..

tak reti nk wat ending..
amik je aa gambo coca light versi algeria..


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